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Telehealth-First Drug Launch Strategy

Launch New Brand in Crowded Market During Global Pandemic
  • Target audience perception that non hormonal therapy is less effective than hormonal therapy

  • Perceived as less accessible than OTC products

  • Low to no HCP and Consumer awareness for product efficaciousness and brand 

  • Target audience visits their HCP infrequently

  • Global COVID-19 pandemic significantly decreases ability to facilitate in-person exams, sales calls and willingness to make changes to existing behavior

  • Due to limitations as a result of COVID-19, brand needed to drive at least 50% of all prescriptions through digital means

  • Efficacy dependent on correct use each and every time a woman has sex

Create New Engagement Process Leading to Immediate Physician Consult Through Telehealth
  • Leverage Custom Connect as first-to-market telehealth-based engagement platform, allowing consumers to be connected directly to a physician consult by clicking on an advertisement or link upon owned media platforms.

  • Integrate advertising and awareness in existing telehealth consult platforms

  • Precise behavioral-based targeting strategy

  • Supported by a “surround sound” plan at launch with Paid Search, Paid Social, Endemic & Programmatic Display, Emails, and HCP Conference support

Exceeding Sales Goals & Maximizing Reach and Frequency Among HCPs and Consumers
  • Allowed organization to pivot quickly through new method of product launch

  • Exceeded goals by driving over 55% of all prescriptions through telehealth platform in the first two months

  • 75% of consumers seeing the digital advertising moved through process to speak to the HCP

  • Provided ability for consumers to get a prescription within minutes

  • Created a fast-start launch and came out of the gate incredibly strong

  • Utilized geo-tagging to demonstrate immediate results through written scripts

  • Telehealth launch approach is recognized as one of the most successful tactics the brand team has ever done

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