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AMA Study Shows Physicians Are Motivated To Increase Telehealth Use

Most physicians feel telehealth allows them to provide more comprehensive quality care

In an anonymous survey of physicians conducted by the American Medical Association that

was recently released in 2022, 60% of physicians report that they feel telehealth enables them to provide high quality care. 56% of physicians are motivated to increase telehealth use in their practices.

From a patient perspective, more than 80% of respondents indicate that patients have better access to care since using telehealth, and 62% feel that patients have higher satisfaction as a result of offering telehealth as an option.

The report is significant because it demonstrates the reasons behind telehealth's increased growth and penetration within the medical industry. It illustrates the need to continue to provide patient support, resources and educational outreach.

The report also demonstrates that telehealth is currently being used across many aspects of clinical care and is delivering a variety of services. 68% of use is across chronic disease management and 49% within specialty care, dispelling the notion that telehealth is generally used just for primary care visits.

With the majority of physicians themselves personally motivated to increase the use of telehealth in their practice, and the fact that their organization's leadership feels the same way, it clearly demonstrates the value that telehealth plays in the future of healthcare.

View the full AMA Report HERE>

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