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Amy Gittelman Leads Q&A Panel on Virtual Care's Place in the Media Mix

During the most recent DTC National Conference, our very own Amy Gittelman led a Q&A

With industry leaders Egbavwe Pela from Fingerpaint, Sonja Fisher of Biogen, and Heath Morlok of Merck. They discussed various topics ranging from patient experience within virtual care to the media opportunities within telehealth.

The panelists gave their thoughts on the ins and outs of telehealth in its current state and discussed ways that the overall patient experience can be improved. Factors such as a trusting relationship amongst the stakeholders, including brands, HCPs and patients were said to be critical to the success of the platform.

With telehealth being a relatively new experience for many, it is important to guide people through their journey in virtual care. One of the findings that the panelists agreed upon, was ensuring that patients are provided direction and tools such as discussion guides, in order to reinforce their experience, provide support and make their telehealth encounter as seamless and straightforward as possible, from beginning to end.

To watch the whole Q&A, you can Visit DTC National’s Website or Visit Here >

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