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Examining Value & Opportunity In Virtual Care

Evolving Changes in the Telehealth Marketing Landscape

Telehealth has not only provided HCPs and patients with new opportunities for giving and receiving more consistent high-quality care, but options for marketers to connect with the most targeted audience available are transforming healthcare marketing.

The value that marketing within telehealth brings to brands as well as patients is unparalleled. Populus is able to bring educational and marketing materials to an individual in an environment where they have nothing else to engage with, just prior to their physician consult.

Additionally, when you examine the differences in the targeting of a patient or HCP audience from one media platform to the next, most only get somewhat close to the audience that you’re trying to reach. From a patient perspective, even layering analytic data from companies such as Crossix or IQVIA with consumer data such as Acxiom only gets you to an approximation of the audience you’re trying to reach in a digital campaign. At traditional point of care, you have to rely on the hope that a patient is looking at a television screen or other form of media within a physician office.

Within telehealth and virtual care, not only are you able to target patients by the general persona and therapeutic category, but you can also reach individuals that you know have a specific condition or clinical need. Having focused one-on-one time with that individual just before they have a physician consult, provides you the benefit of strategically engaging with that patient beyond a typical ad banner. There’s no other form of media that provides the level of targeted engagement that can be achieved through Populus Media’s innovative placements.

With these advances and innovative opportunities, you now can reach the patient before the consult, provide resources that benefit them during the consult, and maintain a dialogue with them into the future.

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