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Media Experts Underscore the Value of Telehealth

MM+M Media Summit provides unique perspectives on telehealth’s growing media platform.

This week at the MM+M Media Summit, industry thought leaders converged to discuss emerging innovations in media and engagement, and the topic of telehealth was fr

ont and center. Populus’ Chief Product Officer, Ray Rotolo joined Jon Cody, CEO of Digital Health Networks and Troy Miles, SVP of Media for CMI on a panel called Tele-Story. The panel discussed the patient experience, along with where and how to enrich the patient journey, provide value and promote the brand within telehealth.

The panel started out highlighting that while there is a decrease in the number of visits since the spike of COVID, the platform has now normalized, is seeing incredible growth beyond pre-COVID levels and is being used significantly for specialty care. Troy Miles pointed out that over 15% of all neurologist visits are telehealth visits, and that neurologists are scheduling specific time during their days to ensure that they focus on virtual care.

Another important discussion was about establishing meaningful relationships with patients. Panelists discussed the need for brands to evolve their approach by creating content and marketing assets that are relevant for each specific medium. Jon Cody further pointed out that brands tend to repurpose what they have, and that it’s time to evolve that thinking. In speaking to patients, authenticity is critical and patient perspectives should be

at the forefront when engaging with them. Troy agreed by stating that brands have an opportunity to control the story, meet patients where they are, and provide them the resources that they need. If utilized effectively, telehealth is a medium where you can outsmart the competition rather than trying to outspend them.

The panel concluded with the panelists agreeing that technology and policy are moving the platform forward and will continue moving in that direction at an unprecedented rate. Ray Rotolo reinforced that telehealth is here to stay and that it’s important to utilize the space to the best of its ability in order to effectively leverage the most valuable opportunity to connect with a patient, before they see a physician.

Populus provides a platform that helps support the patient by ensuring your brand is reaching the most targeted patients possible. Populus connects your brand with individuals who are known to have a condition, immediately preceding a conversation with a physician. Further, the platform allows you to maximize the value of your marketing spend by connecting patients directly to a physician when they have demonstrated interest in your product.

For more information on how to leverage the increasing use of virtual care to positively impact your marketing reach, visit Populus!

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