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Media Planners and Buyers Value Telehealth Effectiveness

Strong Growth In The POC Channel Is Due To Confidence In The Impact Of POC Messaging

In a recent “State of the Point of Care Marketing Industry 2022” report, a joint study by Point of Care Marketing Association and ZS Associates, the majority of media executives were found to view telehealth as a highly effective point of care channel. They also overwhelmingly see telehealth as being highly accurate in reaching their target audience and that the platform made that audience easy to reach.

The study was designed to estimate the size and growth of the point of care advertising industry, and included a survey of media planners and buyers in the healthcare industry who had at least six years of experience planning and buying media in the point of care space. Results from the media planner and buyer survey indicated strong interest in the POC channel and continued growth. Media planners projected growth in POC for 2023 of approximately 22% across HCP and Consumer campaigns.

76% of the respondents viewed telehealth as either neutral or highly effective as a point of care media channel. 80% of the respondents felt that it was easy to reach their targeted audience using telehealth as a media tactic. Additionally, media planners and buyers agreed that point of care is an important part of the overall advertising campaign with 80% of planners classifying point of care as critical.

You can read the full report HERE

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