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MM+M Reports That Populus Study Affirms Link Between Telehealth & Script Lift

The research showed significant increases across several conditions, including type 2


The study, conducted by Lasso, linked one type 2 diabetes campaign to a 90% increase

in new prescriptions (NRx) and a 72% boost in new patients. Sessions lasted three minutes and 30 seconds on average.

In the respiratory and dermatology categories, the study found a 24.7% increase in total prescriptions (TRx) and 6% in NRx, as well as a 14.3% jump in the number of new patients.

The power of telehealth campaigns lie in “removing the guesswork” that’s often involved in search-based strategies, according to Populus VP of analytics and research Lee Daniels.

“The beautiful thing about digital marketing is that you’re not wasting your dollars on patients that may not be interested in the category or the brand,” he explained. “We have an advantage over traditional marketing, where the ads aren’t delivered until the patient is engaging in the platform and has actively submitted their reason for visit. So we know that if somebody is searching for migraine headaches, for example, they’re not going to be delivered an ad that’s not connected to migraine headaches.”

To read the complete article, visit MM+M >

To learn more about the study and to request more information, reach out directly to Populus >

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