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Physician Telehealth Adoption Thriving Post COVID

In September 2022, the AMA released an updated study focusing on adoption habits of HCPs

While much focus is typically put on patient adoption habits, there have been opposing perspectives regarding the continued adoption of telehealth by physicians. In their recent report entitled, "Physicians’ Motivations and Key Requirements for Adopting Digital Health:

Adoption and attitudinal shifts from 2016 to 2022" the AMA illustrates that there has been an increase in the number of physicians that see a definite advantage in digital tools, especially among those 51+ years of age. The use of digital tools has grown significantly among all physicians regardless of gender, specialty or age.

Increased utilization of remote care tools such as tele-visits and remote monitoring had the most movement, with the use of tele-visits/virtual visits having nearly tripled since 2019 and remote monitoring for efficiency nearly doubling. Providing remote care to patients has increased significantly as a motivator for the adoption of digital tools, as has reducing stress or burnout.

Improved clinical outcomes and work efficiency are the top motivators for physicians to use digital health tools, and while adoption of all digital health tools has increased since 2019, tele-visits have grown the most significantly.

When looking at therapeutic areas where telehealth can have a significant impact beyond general care, about 3 in 5 physicians say technology can help address key needs with chronic disease patients and preventative care.

To download the full report from the AMA,


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