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Populus COO Talks Wearables at MM+M Transform

Wellness Works: The Tech-Enabled Patient Journey

Populus COO Howard Seidman joined Dr. Tania Elliott, Chief Medical Officer and VP of Clinical Network Services at Ascension and Gene Fitzpatrick, SVP of Strategy at MRM Health on Thursday, May 5th for a panel on The Tech-Enabled Patient Journey at MM+M Transform '22.

The panel, hosted by Steve Madden, GM of MM+M at Haymarket Media took place at the Edison Ballroom in New York City.

Howard stressed that there is no such thing as too much data, what we've seen is that healthcare is becoming more accessible, and that wearables and the ability to connect them to a virtual consult is making healthcare more accessible to the average American. People are taking greater interest in their own healthcare... it's a revolution, and better care can be delivered in real time.

Steve pointed out that telehealth visits have levelled out since the pandemic began and that telehealth is here to stay.

Dr. Elliott agreed and pointed out that it allows you to bring more care into the home. Wearables can provide point of care diagnostic data and provide real time objective data that allows HCPs and patients to interact more frequently.

While there was agreement that physicians can't necessarily trust data from consumer wearables that aren't FDA approved, Howard pointed out that even if you don't know how accurate the data always is, it encourages the conversation and makes people more aware of their health.

Gene agreed that has provided a huge opportunity to drive behavioral change and stressed that 30% of all of the world's data is healthcare data.

Howard reinforced that bringing health to the patient instead of waiting for the patient to visit the HCP is essential and that it’s all about accessibility

If the data is keeping the consumer more and in tune to their own wellness and is getting consumers engaged, it's providing enormous value to the healthcare industry.

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