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Populus Launches Primary Care Network

Pharma & OTC Brands Can Reach Primary Care Patients Just Prior to Speaking to PCP

Populus is now providing pharma and OTC brands the opportunity of broad reach to primary care patients moments before speaking with their PCP. Whether an urgent care need or a follow up telehealth session, we'll reach highly engaged primary care patients at scale, immediately preceding their virtual appointment. This gives brands an opportunity to drive patient-doctor discussions and brand awareness.

The Populus Primary Care Network:

  • Provides the value of reaching primary care patients as they wait for their telehealth visit, at a more efficient price point than specialty-focused virtual care media.

  • Provides benefits to brands seeking a broader audience, such as weight loss, preventive medicine/vaccines, diagnostic testing, wound care, OTC needs like allergy or skin care, and countless others.

Populus Media will continue to provide its premium specialty targeting, which delivers media within telehealth sessions targeted exclusively to patients as per a specific reason for visit, across dozens of specialties like cardiology, oncology, dermatology, gastroenterology, and nephrology. No matter the condition you are targeting, just reach out and we'll be happy to provide information regarding our scale and pricing.

To contact us and learn more, Visit Populus>

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