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Ray Rotolo Discusses Why It's Time to Take Telehealth Seriously

Telehealth and Virtual Care are here to stay. There's simply no way to put it. While Volumes of virtual care visits are down from the height of that is COVID-19 pandemic, there is undisputed evidence from every analyst researching telehealth usage that it has stabilized, and it is on the rise if you take out the artificial anomaly that is COVID-19.

McKinsey has reported that telehealth use overall has stabilized at levels thirty-eight times higher than before the pandemic, ranging from 13% to 17% of visits across all specialties. The same report demonstrates that although usage has dropped slightly since its peak in Spring 2020, patient and physician attitudes towards telehealth have improved, and that about 40% of surveyed

consumers said they planned to continue telehealth moving forward, up from 11% prior to Covid-19.

Ray Rotolo, Chief Growth Officer for Populus Media discusses numerous ways to leverage this extremely valuable medium and demonstrates that the measurement surrounding the engagement, needs to be looked at differently, as it is not a one for one comparison to either digital display or traditional point of care.

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