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Rebranding and Patient Perspectives On Telehealth in MM+M Podcast

Populus Marketing Manager Tracey Yaw sits down with Mark Iskowitz in an exclusive MM+M podcast

Last week, Populus' Marketing Manager Tracey Yaw joined Marc Iskowitz, Executive Editor of MM+M for a podcast to discuss the recent rebranding of Populus' Custom Connect platform, as well as patients’ perspectives on telehealth.

Tracey revealed that Populus’ patient acquisition platform Custom Connect, will now be known by its new name, Custom Care. She announced an entire Care Package of service offerings that will be brought to market in 2023, along with some new modular add-ons for the Custom Care platform.

The rebranding more accurately reflects the offering

by highlighting the customized care path for patients that Custom Care creates on behalf of brands. It also unifies the offerings with the use of the "Care" moniker throughout the family of solutions.

The first two modular add-ons being introduced are Voice to Care and AfterCare. Voice to Care is a virtual assistant program used with Alexa, Google, Siri and others, which allows people to begin a physician consult directly through voice activation.

AfterCare is messaging that is sent as a follow-up to patients after their consult to provide additional information about their condition. It enables continuity of care and increases the lifetime value of a patient.

Tracey also revealed the results of a study Populus conducted across roughly fifty thousand patients regarding their opinions on telehealth. While most patients had regular physicians, the overwhelming majority preferred telehealth experiences over a traditional care experience. Additionally, the report showed that the cost of telehealth visits were either the same or less than a traditional care appointment.

Further, the two most significant reasons that people chose telehealth were to obtain a prescription and to learn more about an existing condition. The study went on to show how patients feel pharmaceutical companies could provide ongoing support, and how they feel telehealth experiences could be improved.

To listen to the podcast in its entirety, visit MM+M

To download a full copy of the report and for more information on how to leverage the increasing use of virtual care to positively impact your marketing reach, visit Populus!

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