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Shortening the Path to Prescription

The May issue of PM360 continues Populus COO Howard Seidman's comments this month about the virtual care industry.

The Holy Grail of healthcare marketing has always been to facilitate a conversation between an HCP and a qualified

patient, at the appropriate moment in the patient journey, in the shortest number of steps, in order to get that patient on therapy. Traditionally, once that moment has been identified for the specific individual, a strategy of surrounding the patient with media touchpoints and unique creative.

This is designed to reinforce a message in the hopes that the patient remembers to discuss the therapy with their doctor. A lot of strategic thinking goes into not only patient journey mapping, but mapping out the path that a patient will take as we try to influence them throughout their journey.

  • ·But what if we could shorten that path and maximize the ROI of every media engagement?

  • What if we could go right from a single media touchpoint and improve that patient’s care by taking them directly to an HCP who can discuss the treatment and prescribe a therapy?

  • Would that optimize the patient’s experience?

  • Would that improve the patient’s care?

Read the whole article at PM360! >

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