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Telehealth Driving Patient Visits In New Study

CVS Releases New Study

CVS Health released a new study called 2022 Health Care Insights Study, which included survey results from 2 questionnaires asking 1000 adults about virtual care as well healthcare providers. With convenience being a driving factor in modern healthcare, responses to virtual care was positive, with 92% of people pointing to its convenience in getting appointments and consultations.

Breaking down that number, 41% of people enjoyed the convenience of being able to stay home to get the same result as going to a doctor’s office, 37% attributed to not having to pay for transportation costs, and the last 37% said it saved time for them.

Providers have seen this and have responded accordingly, with 54% of providers adding virtual office visit capabilities, 45% have added mobile apps for telehealth, and 42% have added an online portal for virtual meetings right into their websites.

One of the biggest findings from this study has to do with virtual care’s effectiveness in getting people back to doctor’s visits, with 53% of providers saying that adding telehealth resulted in more patient visits overall. Patients were 93% more likely to make appointments, and 88% of those followed through with those appointments.

You Can Read The Full Report Here >

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