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Understanding Telehealth Campaign Metrics

How Does Telehealth Fit Into Your Overall Brand Strategy and How Do You Measure It?

Telehealth and Virtual Care provide extremely unique opportunities for engaging with the most highly targeted audience available at the most valuable point in their patient journey. But where does it fit in your strategy and how can you determine whether it is proving out its effectiveness?

It’s important to recognize that it is a unique medium unto itself that doesn’t necessarily fall neatly into a box like other strategies or media vehicles.

So, what exactly is it, a patient acquisition strategy, or a media buy?

The truth is that it can be both, or either, depending upon how you’re leveraging the medium. Media opportunities are present within existing telehealth consults as a traditional media buy, however the cost and measurement of their effectiveness should be evaluated differently than either traditional point of care or digital display.

Alternatively, there are patient engagement opportunities that leverage telehealth using existing media plans in order to drive patients directly to a physician consult for education and prescription. These opportunities provide the ability to create guaranteed ROI and take advantage of the customer’s engagement at the moment they first show interest.

Both approaches are connecting a brand with the most highly targeted patient possible, a viewer who has the condition that the brand is trying to reach and is directly in line with the brand’s targeted persona. As a result, the metrics surrounding the engagement are very different from other engagement vehicles.

To find out more about the most effective ways to measure your telehealth strategy’s success...

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