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Virtual Visits Projected to grow – Forecast 2022-2027

Research And Markets Report Shows Projected Growth

Telehealth and virtual visits are here to stay after COVID and are only slated to grow into 2023 and beyond according to a recent report from Research And Markets. Using virtual care, most in-person doctor visits can be shifted to an online platform that can save patients time and money, while maintain the same level of care that they would receive from an in-person visit.

As of March 2020, 54% of people prefer to use virtual health as an option for consultation or diagnosis. Throughout the pandemic, people got their first taste of virtual care and it has seemingly stuck with them, as it is expected that 83% of patients that used virtual care during the pandemic will continue it's use in the future.

Adults are the fastest-growing patient group because of their increasing use of virtual visits. The high population numbers and the increase in chronic diseases among adults, especially in the geriatric population, have bolstered the demand for virtual visits.

Virtual care has revolutionized the healthcare industry by reducing hospital visits, reducing patient wait times and decreasing patient discomfort. With rising incidences of chronic medical conditions influencing market growth in healthcare services, virtual care becomes a valuable tool for continuous monitoring of these conditions, easing the burden on both patients and doctors to properly manage their care.

You can read the full report HERE

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